Garden Tools

  • Secateur

    Precision in pruning is what keeps your garden well-maintained, beautiful and blooming. This requires time and can be a laborious task. And that’s exactly why you need a quality pair of Sécateur in your gardening toolkit.Featuring powerful ratchet system and anti-slip rubber grip, it…
  • Med Size Lopper

    To optimize your performance in the garden, while performing tasks with maximum comfort, this medium size lopper is the best choice.Handles made from Fibreglass composite, this mid-sized lopper is stronger than steel and extremely light-weight. Fibreglass composite offers peak performance and has…
  • Telescopic Lopper

    This gardening tool is a must-have for pruning purposes. Its features and ingenious mechanism makes it ideal for pruning large and thick branches with utmost convenience, ease and comfort. Prominent features include:Extendable Handles—It enables you to prune any kind of wood, wet or dry dead…
  • Professional Floral Shear

    Designed exclusively to pick flowers, deadheading rose bushes and herbs, our floral shears are popular among both professional florists and passionate gardeners.Our premium floral shears feature:High-Quality stainless steel blades for clean, precise and healthy cuts.Ergonomic and easy action design…

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